My journey

Originally from the windy city, Chicago, Illinois, my family and I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998 to be closer to my mom’s side of the family and raise my siblings and I in a more family-oriented environment. I attended East High School and graduated in 2006. I have been taking classes full-time at the University of Utah and am graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications. While going to school I have also worked to expand my resume in a variety of positions to broaden my experiences from box office work at a movie theatre, to being a barista for a small cafe contracted to brew Starbucks coffee, and even financial services at R.C. Willey Home Furnishings. In my pursuit of my degree at the U of U I have learned the intricacies of dealing with public relations, marketing techniques, survey and statistical information relevant to gathering target audience data, and even how to better understand the public and analyze relationships with interpersonal communication theory. A goal I’d like to achieve is to gain admission into an established law school on the east coast, preferably the University of Chicago Law School in order to pursue a 5-year degree with a specialization in public interest law.

As a writer I feel like I get better with each passing assignment because each one I take on forces me to take on certain perspectives and have to critically analyze or compose my thoughts in an organized manner. I find it enriching to be able to come away from a finished product knowing I was able to do my best to try and successfully capture what I was trying to say on paper and share it with others. In this day and age I feel like almost anyone can take on the role of a news writer through the means of the internet and blogs such as this one. That is why those who take on such¬†responsibility¬†should always adhere to the highest possible quality and integrity when gathering research, conducting an interview or writing a news piece on current events. The New York Times states that the core purpose of journalism should be to “enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment,” the content of which determines the basis for reputation and whether or not public trust has been fulfilled.